PAK Fan Price in Pakistan All Modles Rate Today 2024

PAK fans have quickly earned themselves a reliable and efficient spot in the household appliance market since 2024, when we embarked on our exploration of PAK Fan Price in Pakistan for all models available now – from ceiling fans that grace our homes to compact table fans for personal comfort – untangling pricing complexities to help make informed decisions is our aim!

PAK Fan Price in Pakistan

Overview of PAK Fan Price in Pakistan

Summary PAK Fans are not simply appliances; they’re companions that enrich our daily lives. This brief overview sets the scene for exploring PAK Fan prices in Pakistan – from traditional ceiling fans to AC/DC models, PAK offers an expansive variety of stylish yet efficient fans that blend style with efficiency.

Imagine being faced with an array of choices – pedestal fans for flexibility, table fans for compact charm, Louvre fans for elegance – in a market full of choices: pedestal fans offer versatility; table fans offer compact charm; Louvre fans provide elegance. Each fan type caters to specific preferences for an enhanced cooling experience – this concise overview ensures you are prepared for an in-depth investigation of PAK fans that suit your unique requirements and provides you with an opportunity to make informed decisions that best serve you!

PAK Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 Today Rate

Discovering the world of PAK fans would not be complete without understanding their current rates and costs as of 2024. As we dive in, let’s uncover pricing information for various PAK fan categories such as ceiling fans and table fans so you can make an informed choice that meets both your cooling needs and fits seamlessly within your budget. Don’t miss this episode – stay tuned and make an informed decision that meets both criteria!

PAK Fan Ceiling Fan Prices

Ceiling fans, an essential feature in every Pakistani home, provide a traditional yet effective cooling solution. Explore PAK ceiling fan prices as we discuss their reliability in improving air circulation throughout your living spaces.

Golden Eye Ceiling FanRs. 7,695
UFORs. 8,495
DiamondRs. 9,095
Classic Ceiling FanRs. 7,495
Floral FlowersRs. 9,395
Jazz Ceiling FanRs. 7,395
FavouriteRs. 8,895
Galaxy Gold Ceiling FanRs. 7,695
WaterproofRs. 8,595
Floral BlessRs. 9,395
Classic Super Ceiling FanRs. 7,495
VIP DecorationRs. 8,495
Diamond PlusRs. 9,395
Galaxy Big Ceiling FanRs. 8,445
EliteRs. 8,495
Floral KidsRs. 9,395
AntiqueRs. 10,795
Classic Gold Ceiling FanRs. 7,595
MagicRs. 8,795
Classic Silver Ceiling FanRs. 7,595
Dynasty Ceiling FanRs. 8,595
Super DeluxeRs. 8,495
Decora ClassicRs. 8,795
Smart Ceiling FanRs. 8,495
VIP Ceiling FanRs. 8,395
Hilux Ceiling FanRs. 7,595
FloralRs. 8,795
Premio BigRs. 8,495
Deluxe Ceiling FanRs. 6,995
EmeraldRs. 10,795

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AC/DC Pak Fan Price in Pakistan

PAK’s AC/DC fans provide an energy efficient cooling solution. Explore their pricing details and discover their array of advantages; the fans provide cooling that fits with your environmental commitment.

PAK Fan ModelPrice (PKR)
Diamond AC/DCRs. 9,195
Antique AC/DCRs. 10,945
Aspire AC/DCRs. 9,695
Deluxe AC/DCRs. 8,645
Pride AC/DCRs. 9,345
Pedestal AC/DC InverterRs. 8,945
Crystal AC/DCRs. 8,345
Floral AC/DCRs. 8,845

PAK Fan Pedestal Fan Price

Pedestal fans provide flexible airflow solutions, making them a popular choice in various settings. Take a look at PAK pedestal fan rates to select one that will best meet your comfort requirements – offering both flexibility and efficient cooling solutions.

Pak Fan Pedestal Fan ModelPrices
Pedestal Industrial 3BRs. 16,895
Pedestal Industrial NewRs. 12,045
NTCP RemoteRs. 9,995
Pedestal MistRs. 21,795
NTCPRs. 8,895
Pedestal Industrial New 3BRs. 12,595
Pedestal IndustrialRs. 9,195

Bracket Fans Prices in Pakistan

Bracket fans, popular for their space-saving design and energy efficiency, make an ideal option in many households. Here you can learn about their affordability and features to make an informed decision.

PAK Fan ModelPrice (PKR)
Super King VIPRs. 8,195
Deluxe NewRs. 8,095
Circo IndustrialRs. 7,595
Super King NewRs. 8,095
BracketRs. 11,595
Mega BracketRs. 8,195

Price of PAK Exhaust Fan in Pakistan.

Effective ventilation is of utmost importance in both kitchens and bathrooms. Discover PAK exhaust fans rates to create a fresh and relaxing environment while investigating their affordability and efficiency as essential ventilation solutions.

Factors Affecting PAK Fan Price in Pakistan

Price fluctuations of PAK fans depend on multiple influences, from technology advances to raw material costs – understanding these can provide insight into fan pricing dynamics on the market.1.

Technological Advancements can be seen all around.

Modern PAK fans incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced motor designs or smart features, which can significantly affect pricing. Gaining insight into these technological aspects will give greater understanding into their performance as well as any impact it may have on cost.

Raw Material Costs

Raw material prices – such as metals and plastics used in fan construction – play an essential part in determining final costs. Fluctuations in material costs can directly influence PAK fan pricing both during manufacturing as well as retail pricing processes.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Fans with higher energy efficiency ratings often come with a slightly higher initial investment cost, yet long-term cost savings on electricity bills may offset it. Investigating energy efficiency features will allow you to evaluate value for money.

Brand Reputation and Quality

Price depends on both the PAK Fan in Pakistan reputation and materials used to manufacture fans, as well as pricing of fans that demonstrate superior durability, reliability, and craftsmanship. Fans with strong associations may carry higher premium costs to reflect this dedication to quality craftsmanship from PAK’s brand.

Designs and Aesthetics

Fans with unique designs or additional aesthetic features, like decorative elements or specific color options, may vary in price depending on their visual appeal and features. Understanding the balance between aesthetics and functionality is key when making an informed purchase decision.

Tips For Purchasing

To help make an informed choice when purchasing a PAK fan in Pakistan, keep these essential guidelines in mind:

  • Evaluate Your Cooling Needs: Before purchasing, assess both the size of the room and your specific cooling requirements so as to find an air fan which meets them all.
  • Energy Efficiency: For maximum long-term savings and environmental impact, prioritize energy efficient models.
  • Compare Technological Features: Discover fans with innovative features such as remote controls, adjustable speeds and smart capabilities for added convenience.
  • Consider Aesthetics: For an attractive living space, select a fan that not only cools but also enhances it. PAK offers different designs to match different interior styles.
  • Read Customer Reviews: Gain valuable insight from other buyers’ experiences by perusing customer reviews of fans. Reviews can provide invaluable information about performance, durability and overall satisfaction of the fan in use.
PAK Fan Rate in Pakistan Today

Customer Reviews

Firsthand experiences often provide the most useful insights when making purchasing decisions, so let’s take a moment and learn what customers are saying about PAK fans, including their thoughts on PAK Fan Price in Pakistan:

  • Remarkably Efficient Cooling: PAK fans have earned praise from customers due to their efficient cooling capabilities, with many noting a significant drop in room temperature due to them.
  • Durability: Longevity is often mentioned when reviewing PAK fans, with users noting their superior build quality and satisfaction with its longevity.
  • Quiet Operation: Reviews have noted the silent operation of PAK fans, making them ideal for bedrooms and other quiet environments.
  • Receptive Customer Service: Users were impressed by PAK’s responsive customer service, with many noting their satisfaction at receiving quick responses and helpful assistance.

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Overall Conclusion

To conclude, PAK Fan Price in Pakistan range across models and types. From ceiling fans and pedestal fans to other options like handheld fans or any variant thereof. Being aware of prices and features before making your decision will ensure maximum comfort no matter the season.

PAK Fans offers energy efficiency, innovative technologies and elegant interior designs all in one. By reviewing pricing details and features in this article, you are better equipped to navigate the market. And select one which provides lasting comfort throughout every season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are PAK fans energy efficient?

PAK fans are designed with energy efficiency in mind. In particular, AC/DC models provide sustainable cooling solutions.

Are there any ongoing promotions or discounts on PAK Fan Price in Pakistan?

PAK often introduces promotions and discounts, especially during specific seasons or events. It’s recommended to check the official PAK website or authorized dealers for the latest information on any ongoing offers to maximize your savings on a new fan purchase.

What warranty come with PAK fans?

PAK fans typically come with a standard warranty period; however, its length can differ between models so it is wise to review its details prior to making a purchase decision.

Are PAK exhaust fans effective in reducing humidity?

PAK exhaust fans are designed to effectively reduce humidity in tight spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Are PAK Louvre fans suitable for outdoor use?

PAK Louvre fans are generally designed for indoor use; it is important to check product specifications to determine their suitability in outdoor environments.

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