Aluminum Window Price in Pakistan 2024 | Updated Rate

Windows have a specific place in the construction and design industries. They become portals to light, style, and comfort rather than simply acting as openings. Aluminum windows stand out among the numerous options because of their reliability, stylish appearance, and flexibility. Aluminum gives objects power and lightness like an overall beauty, making up more over 8% of Earth’s total mass and ranking as the element with the highest frequency. This article is here to simplify the journey, helping you explore the world of Aluminum Window Price in Pakistan for 2024.

Aluminum Window Price in Pakistan

Aluminium Window Price in Pakitan 2024

The prices for Aluminium Windows in Pakistan vary, ranging from Rs. 1,090 to Rs. 1,498, contingent on the window’s size. This pricing flexibility allows homeowners to choose options that align with both their preferences and budget, making aluminum windows an accessible and versatile choice for enhancing spaces in Pakistan.

The following table has provided us with the details about aluminium windows Rate per Sq. Feet.

BrandMinimum Price per Sq.
Maximum Price per Sq.
Chawla AluminiumRs. 1,250Rs. 1,457
Master AluminumRs. 1,100Rs. 1,458
Prime AluminumRs. 1,220Rs. 1,350
Standard AluminumRs. 1,090Rs. 1,498
GR AluminiumRs. 1,100Rs. 1,250

Factors Affecting about the Aluminum Window Price in Pakistan

Understanding why aluminium windows in Pakistan cost what they do involves looking at some important things that influence how much they are.

Raw Material Costs

The first big thing is the stuff we need to make aluminium windows. If the material we use, like aluminium alloy, becomes more expensive, then making windows also becomes pricier. So, when the cost of these materials goes up or down, it affects of the final Aluminum Window Price in Pakistan you see in the store.

Manufacturing Processes

Now, making windows isn’t just putting things together – it’s a bit like cooking a special recipe. The ways we put the aluminium together, like using fancy techniques (we call them extrusion and finishing), can make the final product cost more. If we use pricing methods and high-quality finishes, it makes the windows better but also a bit more expensive.

Window Design and Features

Imagine designing a cool video game or drawing a beautiful picture – making window designs is a bit like that! The fancier and more advanced the design, or if we add cool features like energy-efficient glass or super smart locking systems, it can raise the price. So, the more special things we add, the more it might cost.

Brand Reputation

Just like picking your favorite superhero, people like to choose windows from brands they trust. Well-known and reliable brands might charge a bit more because people believe in their quality. So, it’s a bit like paying extra for your favorite superhero action figure – you know it’s going to be awesome!

Installation Costs

Putting in windows isn’t just sticking them in like stickers. It’s similar to fitting together a puzzle. The cost of putting windows might vary depending on where you are located, how difficult it is to put in them, and whether you need specialized expertise. Therefore, when looking at windows for your home, consider more than just the window itself; consider how the window will be installed.

Aluminium Window Manufacturing Supplier in Pakistan

Several prominent aluminium brands operate in various cities in Pakistan, offering diverse products to meet the needs of different consumers. Key players include:

  • Chawla Aluminium
  • Standard Aluminium
  • GR Aluminium
  • Prime Aluminium
  • JeewaJee Aluminium
  • Trade Matrix Aluminium
  • Lucky Aluminium
  • Falcon Aluminium
  • Japan Aluminium
  • Ittehad Aluminium
  • Pak Altech Aluminium

Tips for Purchasing Aluminium Windows in Pakistan

  • Define Your Needs: Identify your size, style, and feature requirements before starting your search.
  • Check Brand Reputation: Research and choose a reputable brand with positive customer reviews.
  • Compare Prices and Features: Shop around to find the best balance between price and desired features.
  • Review Warranty and Service: Look for windows with a reliable warranty and inquire about after-sales service.
  • Consider Installation: Evaluate if you’ll DIY or need professional help; some brands may offer installation services.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Windows


  • Transport and installation of Aluminum windows are simpler to because of their lighter nature.
  • impermeable to ensuring a long lifespan with very little upkeep.
  • thermal breaks included in the construction to reduce utility costs and increase energy efficiency.
  • It is a sustainable choice because it is extremely recyclable.
  • Being versatile enhances the overall looks of a house by enabling sleek, modern window designs.


  • An effective heat conductor that affects insulation in very cold temperatures.
  • Costs up front could be greater than with other options.
  • prone to condensation under certain meteorological circumstances.
  • Not as good at blocking out outside sounds as some materials.

Future Outlook for the Aluminum Window Price

Looking ahead, the future of aluminium window prices in Pakistan appears to be influenced by a mix of trends, technological advancements, and economic shifts. As innovations continue to shape the industry, we might see some fluctuations in prices. However, the overall forecast suggests a stable market with sustained growth. Keeping an eye on these developments can help consumers make informed decisions as they navigate the dynamic landscape of Aluminum Window Price in Pakistan in the coming years.

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, the Aluminum Window Price in Pakistan in 2024 is influenced by factors like raw material costs, manufacturing processes, design features, brand reputation, and installation expenses. Understanding these elements empowers consumers to make well-informed decisions when selecting aluminium windows. The variety of companies in Pakistan ensures consumers have ample choices catering to their preferences and budget.

If aluminum windows are purchasing, which are well-known for their strength and flexible thinking, you get both benefit from an attractive look and increase your living or working area with beautiful performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is aluminum a sustainable material for windows?

Aluminum is a particularly sustainable material for windows since it can be recycled

What factors should I consider while choosing an aluminum window brand?

Consider factors such as customer reviews, product excellence, and brand image.

Is it possible to modify aluminum windows to make unique patterns?

Many manufacturers do offer the option to customize their aluminum windows.

Does the aluminum window business in Pakistan have any laws or regulations governing it?

Stay informed about the latest criteria for window certifications and local construction code standards.

How can I be positive that my home’s aluminum windows are set up correctly?

Utilize skilled experts and ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly are followed.

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