Brighto Paints Price in Pakistan Today | All Types Rates 2024

Brighto paints are like magic for your home. They make it look stunning and keep it strong. It’s the perfect blend of making your walls charming and ensuring they stay durable. With Brighto, each wall tells a simple yet versatile tale of beauty and resilience. Brighto paints are not expensive, and they are really good quality. Now We’ll look into the Brighto Paints Price in Pakistan for 2024.

Brighto Paints Price in Pakistan

Brighto Paints Price in Pakistan | Rate list

Brighto Paints offers a mixed range of paints catering to many needs. In Pakistan, the Brighto Paints Price vary based on the type and quality of the paint. From the flexible Brighto Emulsion to the weather-resistant Brighto Weather Sheet, each product is priced competitively, giving back to the brand’s industry by providing value for money.

Brighto Emulsion

The Brighto Emulsion Price in Pakistan ranges between Rs. 615 to Rs. 1,685. This variation in pricing is influenced by factors such as the paint’s exceptional quality, durability, and the size of the container. Brighto Emulsion is a popular choice for its smooth finish and lasting color, making it ideal for interior walls.

Paint TypeQuantityPrices (Rs.)
Brighto Super Emulsion0.91 Litre615
Plastic Emulsion1 Litre1,250
Brighto Quick Wash Emulsion0.91 Litre935
Brighto Wall Emulsion3.64 Litre1,685

Brighto Weather Sheet, designed for exterior surfaces, is priced between Rs. 1,310 to Rs. 13,790. This range reflects the quality, durability, and container size. This paint ensures protection against rough environmental conditions, making it a good choice for outdoor surfaces, with its weather-resistant properties.

Paint TypeQuantityPrice (Rs.)
All Weather1 Litre1,310
Brighto Wall Coat16 Litre13,790
Brighto Wall Shield4 Litre3,530

Brighto Enamel

For a glossy and durable finish, Brighto Enamel is priced between Rs. 365 to Rs. 1,070. The cost variation considers factors such as superior quality, long-lasting attributes, and the size of the paint container. Brighto Enamel is suitable for a range of surfaces, providing a vibrant and enduring shine.

Paint TypeQuantityPrices / Rates (Rs.)
Brighto Red Oxide Primer0.91 Litre900
Brighto Synthetic Clear Varnish0.25 Litre365
Brighto Synthetic Enamel0.25 Litre370
Brighto Aluminium Finish0.25 Litre450
Brighto Synthetic UnderCoat0.91 Litre1,070
Brighto Synthetic Metallic Enamel0.25 Litre375

Brighto Wood Door Paint

Brighto Wood Door Paint, priced between Rs. 930 and Rs. 1,560, offers a premium solution for wooden surfaces. The container’s measurements, power, and quality all affect the price. This paint was created to protect and improve doors made of wood, providing a beautiful, long-lasting surface

Paint TypeQuantityRate List (Rs.)
Wood Finish Lacquer Gloss / Matt0.91 Litre1,560
Brighto Wood Finish Sealer0.91 Litre1,510
All Wood Coat (Matt and Gloss)0.91 Litre1,195
Brighto Wood Finish Thinner0.91 Litre930

Brighto Distemper

Brighto Distemper is available in Pakistan at a price ranging from Rs. 4,760 to Rs. 9,985. The pricing reflects the high quality, durability, and size of the paint container. This economical yet reliable option is well-suited for a variety of surfaces, providing a smooth and matte finish.

Paint TypeQuantityPrices in Pakistan (Rs.)
Brighto Antiqua Polish Plaster0.91 Litre5,990
Brighto Perlata0.91 Litre9,985
Brighto Velvet0.91 Litre9,985
Brighto Sterling Gold0.91 Litre4,760
Brighto Perlex0.91 Litre9,319
Brighto Sterling Silver0.91 Litre4,760

Brighto Wall Putty

Brighto Wall Putty, essential for preparing surfaces before painting, is priced between Rs. 1,185 to Rs. 3,560. The size, quality, and lifespan of the container all impact its price. This putty helps extend the life of the painted surface by giving a level and smooth surface on which to apply paint.

Paint TypeQuantityPrices in Pakistan (Rs.)
Boom All Weather0.91 Litre1,420
Brighto Wall Putty20 Kg3,560
Boom Washable0.91 Litre1,185

Factors Affecting Brighto Paints Prices

Quality and Formulation

The superior quality and advanced formulations of Brighto Paints are due to a slightly higher Brighto Paints Price in Pakistan, ensuring durable and long-lasting finishes.

Specialized Features

Paints with specialized features, such as weather resistance or unique finishes, may have higher prices due to advanced technologies catering to specific needs.

Brand Reputation and Innovation

Brighto’s established reputation for reliability and innovation impacts pricing, reflecting the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge paint technologies.

The best thing about Brighto paints Over Other paint brands?

Brighto Paints outshines other brands with its peak-march quality, innovative solutions, and customer-friendly go-near. Known for vital colors, big coverage, and long-lived durability, Brighto’s paints stand large. They offer a change of options for both inside and outside spaces, making it easy to find the perfect fit.

Best Tips for Customers when Purchasing Brighto Paints in Pakistan:

  • Color Samples: Before making a decision, get color samples of Brighto paints. This allows you to see how the color looks in your space and ensures satisfaction with the final result.
  • Surface Preparation: Properly prepare the surface before painting. Clean, smooth surfaces enhance paint adhesion and longevity. Brighto paints perform best on well-prepared surfaces.
  • Consult Experts: Don’t hesitate to consult with paint experts or in-store professionals. They can provide valuable advice on the right type of Brighto paint for your specific project and guide you on the quantities needed.
  • Explore Promotions: Look out for special offers or savings. Brighto offers regular promotions, so it’s a good idea to look at these options if you want high-quality paints at lower prices.

Conclusion of Brighto Paints Price in Pakistan

In summary, Brighto Paints delivers quality, innovation, and value. Though Brighto Paints Price in Pakistan reflect superior formulations, the brand’s diverse range ensures vibrant, durable finishes. The slight premium is justified by reliability and customer satisfaction. Brighto stands as a worthwhile investment for those seeking top-notch paints for their spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What makes Brighto Paints unique?

Brighto Paints stands out for its quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Why are Brighto Paints Price higher?

The slightly higher price reflects superior formulations and innovative technologies.

Which surfaces do Brighto Paints cover?

Brighto Paints cater to both interior and exterior surfaces, including walls, wood, and metal.

Is the higher price justified?

Yes, the higher price aligns with exceptional quality, vibrant colors, and lasting finishes.

Where can I find product information and prices?

Visit Brighto Paints’ official website or inquire at authorized dealers for specific product details and prices

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