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In the ever-changing world of agriculture, technology is converted to quality farming actions. Modern machinery is transforming farming, making sure of greater productivity and sustainability. These innovations play a big role in direct challenges and creating a strong future for the farming part, making progress in efficiency and environmental stewardship. Moreover, staying informed about the Thresher Machine Price is vital for farmers seeking to optimize their working and investments.

Thresher Machine Price

Thresher Machine Price in Pakistan Today | Latest Rate List

As of today, Thresher Machine price in Pakistan range between Rs. 4,50,000 and 5,50,000. These variations are attributed to factors such as machine capacity, brand reputation, and additional features. Farmers and agricultural enthusiasts can make informed decisions based on their specific needs and budget constraints. Stay updated on the latest rates to make the most cost-effective choices for your farming operations.

Machine ModelMaximum PriceMinimum Price
Made in PakistanRs. 5,50,000Rs. 4,50,000

What is the Thresher Machine?

The Thresher Machine is a vital agricultural implement designed to separate grains from harvested crops. It employs a mechanized process that enhances efficiency in the grain separation stage of farming. These machines come in various capacities and are manufactured by different brands, each offering unique features. Farmers should consider factors like crop volume, brand reliability, and technological features when selecting a Thresher Machine to optimize their harvests.

Thresher Machine Listing and Other Details

Below, we search the main listing and essential details you should consider:

Fuel Consumption During Working6 – 7 L/h
Grain Separating Efficacy95%
Threshing Drum Size (Length)4.5 – 5.5 ft
Number of Cutters104 – 130
Operational Power Required30 to 40 HP
Total Machine Length12 ft
Number of Rotator Belts18
People Required to Operate4
PTO Speed Requirement540 rpm
Size of Rear Tires32 inches
Threshing Drum Total Width48 inches
Total Machine Width4.5 – 5 ft
Grain Crushing ProbabilityAlmost No
Total Machine Height from Ground5 – 6 ft
Size of Front Tire25 inches
Total Pulleys Installed8
Height from Ground with Wheels5.5 – 6 ft

Factors Impacting Thresher Machine Price

Capacity and Performance

The primary factor influencing Thresher Machine price is their capacity and performance. Machines with higher capacity and efficiency are likely to come with a higher price market, catering to the needs of great-scale farming operations. Farmers should judge their specific requirements to strike a balance between performance and cost.

Brand Reputation

Another significant factor is the reputation of the brand manufacturing the Thresher Machine. Well-established and highly regarded brands often command higher prices due to their track record of taking around reliable and durable agricultural machinery. Farmers may consider the brand’s history and customer reviews when making purchasing decisions.

Technological Features

The incorporation of advanced technological features can significantly impact the Thresher Machine Price. Features such as automation, precision controls, and innovative grain separation mechanisms contribute to increased efficiency but may also raise the overall cost. Farmers should evaluate whether these features align with their operational needs and budget.

Build Quality and Durability

The build quality and durability of Thresher Machines play a crucial role in determining their prices. Machines constructed with strong materials and superior techniques often come with a higher upfront cost. However, investing in durable equipment can be cost-effective in the long run by minimizing maintenance expenses.

Additional Accessories and Customization

Thresher Machines may offer additional accessories or customization options, influencing their overall cost. Farmers should carefully consider whether these extras are essential for their specific farming requirements. While additional features can enhance functionality, they may also contribute to a higher price point, necessitating a thoughtful evaluation of value for investment.

Thresher Machines Suppliers Found in Pakistan:

In the agricultural land of Pakistan, a multitude of good Thresher Machines suppliers cater to the various needs of farmers. These suppliers play a major role in providing effective and innovative solutions for the country’s farming community. Their presence ensures accessibility to cutting-side agricultural technology, contributing to the advancement of the farming sector. Various Thresher Machines suppliers list blow.

  • National Wheat Threshers
  • Diamond Wheat Threshers
  • Shalimar Wheat Threshers
  • Zeeshan Wheat Thresher
  • Dogar Wheat Threshers
  • Seth Tufail Threshers
  • Millat Wheat Threshers
  • Shareef Wheat Threshers

Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, the agricultural sector in Pakistan witnesses a transformative phase with the integration of advanced Thresher Machines. The top suppliers, including Shalimar Wheat Threshers and National Wheat Threshers, contribute significantly to modernizing farming practices.

Factors such as volume, brand reputation, and technological features impact Thresher Machine price, requiring farmers to make informed resolve. As these innovations continue to form the industry, the partnership between suppliers and farmers remains pivotal for a sustainable and productive agricultural future in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What factors influence Thresher Machine price in Pakistan?

Thresher Machine prices are influenced by factors such as capacity, brand reputation, technological features, build quality, and additional accessories.

Top suppliers of Thresher Machines in Pakistan?

Top suppliers include ABC Machinery, Jaffer Agro Services, Al-Ghazi Tractors, Millat Equipment Limited, Kissan Engineering, and Pak Agro Engineering.

How to choose the right Thresher Machine?

Consider your farm’s size, crop type, and budget. Evaluate capacity, brand reputation, and technological features for a suitable choice.

Role of Thresher Machines in modern agriculture?

Thresher Machines automate grain separation, saving time and labor, and contributing to increased efficiency in crop harvesting.

The price range for Thresher Machines in Pakistan?

Thresher Machine prices typically range between Rs. 4,50,000 and 5,50,000, reflecting variations in capacity, brand reputation, and technological features.

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