Royal Fan Price in Pakistan Today Rate List of All Types Fan 2024

Have you been curious to know the latest Price for Royal fan in Pakistan? With so many choices on offer, finding one that meets both your needs and budget can be difficult. In this article we’ll look into Royal Fan Prices in Pakistan; exploring rates for various types of fans available today in 2024. Let’s embark on this adventure together as we search for an effective cooling solution for our space!

Royal Fan Price in Pakistan

Overview of Royal Fan Price in Pakistan

Start out right and gain a comprehensive overview of the Royal Fan market in Pakistan, focusing on 2024 rates as a general indicator of pricing landscape and what you can expect when considering one for home or office use.

Royal Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 Today

Now let’s examine the costs associated with various Royal fans currently available on the market today. Whether you need a ceiling fan, table fan, AC/DC fan, exhaust fan, bracket fan, or pedestal fan we have you covered!

Royal Ceiling Fan Price

Ceiling fans have become an essential component of every household. Discover the latest pricing details for Royal ceiling fans that take into account factors like design, size and power efficiency.

Ceiling Fan ModelPrice
Royal Deluxe Jem TrinityRs. 7,195
Royal RegalRs. 7,095
Royal Energy SaverRs. 7,195
Royal Crescent Hi-SpeedRs. 6,995
Royal NobleRs. 7,195
Royal Galant – CHARMRs. 7,195
Royal Deluxe ImperialRs. 7,195
Royal Deluxe RegentRs. 7,065
Royal Passion – GRACERs. 6,995
Royal Deluxe Jem WavesRs. 7,195
Royal GalantRs. 7,195
Royal Lifestyle OrnamentRs. 11,095
Royal OpalRs. 6,795
Royal Passion – FLORARs. 6,665
Royal Water Proof – EMPERORRs. 6,895
Royal 3 Star EnerconRs. 6,995
Royal Lifestyle – RevolveRs. 8,195
Royal Lifestyle – RevolveRs. 8,195
Royal Optima Hi-SpeedRs. 6,795
Royal PlatinumRs. 6,765
Passion – CUSHIONRs. 6,995
Royal Regency – CRYSTALRs. 6,915
Royal DeluxeRs. 6,795
Royal ValorRs. 7,695
Royal Hi-StandardRs. 5,995

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Table Fan Price

Looking for something portable but effective? Consider Royal table fans as they offer a diverse selection of table fan prices so that you find a suitable balance between functionality and cost.

Modle of Royal Table FanPrice
Royal Unique Pedestal StandRs. 7,195
Royal Glamour TCP FanRs. 6,895
Royal Petite Table FanRs. 4,495

Royal AC/DC Fans Rate

Royal provides AC/DC fans for those in search of versatility. Learn the pricing details on these fans that work on both alternating and direct current.

AC/DC FanPrices (PKR)
Royal Smart Expo Economy AC/DCRs. 6,695
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC – GRACERs. 7,195
Royal Smart Regency AC/DC – CrystalRs. 7,195
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC – FLORARs. 7,195
Royal Smart Crescent AC/DCRs. 7,195

Royal Bracket Fan Price

Mounted on the wall, bracket fans provide targeted airflow. Learn the pricing structure of Royal bracket fans to maintain a cool atmosphere in certain areas.

Royal Bracket FanPrice in Pakistan
Royal Elegant Bracket FanRs. 5,895
Royal Magnum Bracket FanRs. 6,795
Royal Petite Bracket FanRs. 4,495
Royal Deluxe Circo FanRs. 5,995
Royal Louver Bracket FanRs. 5,295

Royal Pedestal Fans Prices

Are you in search of an easily portable fan? Discover their current prices to make sure that this versatile cooling solution can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Royal Deluxe Pedestal FanRs. 10,095
Royal LouverRs. 6,195
Royal Glamour TCP FanRs. 6,895
Royal Magnum Black Pedestal FanRs. 7,195
Royal Unique Pedestal Stand FanRs. 7,195

Factors Affecting Royal Fan Price in Pakistan

Understanding what factors impact fan prices is key to making an informed decision, so here we look at five main elements shaping Royal Fan prices in Pakistan.

Technology and Features

Royal fans’ technological features play an instrumental role in their prices, such as energy-saving technology or extra features like remote controls that may come at a premium compared to basic models.

Design and Aesthetics

Royal fans’ aesthetic appeal and design intricacies play an integral part in their overall cost, from their aesthetic appeal to premium finishes or unique aesthetics that drive up costs. When making your selection, keep your preferences and the visual harmony with the space in mind when making a choice.

Size and Power Capacity

Fan performance depends heavily upon both size and power capacity. Larger fans with greater capacity tend to come at a higher price point; thus it is essential that you understand both your space requirements and airflow intensity requirements before selecting the appropriate fan without overspending.

Brand Reputation and Quality.

Royal is an established brand known for offering fans with advanced engineering and superior build quality, making investing in one from them an assured path towards durability and long-term performance.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Energy efficiency is of great importance both environmentally and financially. Royal Fan with higher efficiency ratings tend to Price slightly more in Pakistan, yet their long-term energy bill savings make them worth investing in. Understanding a fan’s energy efficiency rating is crucial in making an economical yet eco-friendly choice.

Tips For Purchasing

Selecting the ideal fan is more than selecting a cooling device; it requires finding an effective balance among functionality, efficiency and cost. Below are some essential considerations when investing in Royal Fans in Pakistan:

  • Determine Your Needs and Space Requirements
  • Consider Energy Efficiency Ratings
  • Discover Our Range of Models
  • Monitor for Additional Features
  • Explore the Royal Fan Price Range in Pakistan
  • Search Customer Feedback
  • Confirm Warranty Information
  • Compare Prices across Platforms
  • Check for After-Sales Support
  • Verify Authenticity
  • Stay Informed of Promotions and Discounts

Royal Fans Offer Benefits in Every Way

Royal Fans go beyond the basic function of providing a breeze; they offer a myriad of advantages that make them a compelling choice for your cooling needs. Here are some key benefits that set Royal Fans apart, including considerations for the Royal Fan Price in Pakistan:

  • Energy Efficiency: Royal fans are designed with energy efficiency in mind and often incorporate cutting-edge technologies that ensure optimal airflow.
  • Innovative Features: From remote control functionality to smart fan options that sync up with mobile devices, these innovative features add both convenience and a modern edge to any living or working space.
  • Durability and Longevity: Royal Fans have earned themselves an exceptional reputation in the market due to their durability and longevity.
  • Quiet Operation: Noise can be a significant concern with some fans, disrupting the peace in your home or office. Royal Fans are designed to operate quietly, ensuring a serene environment while still providing the necessary airflow.
  • Quiet Operation: Noise can be an enormously distracting problem when it comes to fans, ruining the peace in both homes and offices. Royal Fans have been designed specifically to operate silently, creating a peaceful environment while still providing essential airflow.
  • Trust and Customer Support: Choosing Royal Fan means placing your faith in a brand with an excellent track record, offering quality products as well as offering fantastic customer support services.
Royal Fan Rate in Pakistan

Customers Reviews

Want to hear about how others have experienced Royal Fans? Check out some customer testimonials to see what other customers think! Here is an insider look into their experiences bringing Royal Fans into their homes or workplaces.

  • “Whisper-Quiet Operation”
  • “Sleek Design, Powerful Performance”
  • “Smart Fan, Smart Choice”
  • “Durable and Reliable”
  • “Excellent Customer Service”
  • “Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective”
  • “Stylish Options for Every Room”
  • “AC/DC Fan – Perfect for Outages”

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Conclusion of Royal Fan Price ion Pakistan

Royal Fans stand out as reliable, efficient, and versatile options for Pakistani consumers looking for cooling solutions. After exploring their price in Pakistan and available options in 2024, it’s essential that we outline key takeaways.

Royal Fans offer many advantages, from energy efficiency and innovative features to stylish designs that blend in perfectly with different aesthetics. Their commitment to durability and customer satisfaction has been highlighted through positive customer reviews, which demonstrate real world benefits experienced by users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Royal fans energy-efficient?

While individual models may vary in terms of energy usage efficiency, it is wise to review product information to get a sense of their particular energy saving capabilities.

Can I purchase Royal fans with remote controls?

Yes, Royal offers fans with remote controls for added convenience. Please check product specifications to make sure that the model you are selecting includes this feature.

Is there a difference in Price based on the color or finish of Royal Fan in Pakistan?

Certainly, the pricing of Royal Fans may vary based on the color or finish. Specialized designs, premium finishes, or unique colors might contribute to a slight difference in the overall cost.

Are Royal fans suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Yes, Royal fans are designed for flexible usage in both residential and commercial settings.

Where can I purchase Royal fans in Pakistan?

Royal fans are readily available both locally and online; when purchasing them from authorized sellers to ensure authenticity.

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