Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price Today 2024 Updated

Ever imagined taking an enjoyable train journey from Karachi to Islamabad? Today we undertake an exploration not only of breathtaking views along this route but also of important details that travelers seek like ticket costs for this journey from Karachi to Islamabad in 2024 and what each ticket holds within itself. Join us as we navigate our way through an intricate web from The Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price while discovering their individual stories!

Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price

Analyzing Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price

Undergoing a train journey from Karachi to Islamabad involves more than simply reaching your destination: it involves understanding ticket pricing structures and choosing services that suit your preferences.

Let’s delve deep into our analysis of Karachi to Islamabad train ticket prices for 2024, carefully considering every train service to help ensure we make an informed decision on our upcoming adventure. Join us as we unveil all the complex factors influencing the cost of rail journeys through our in-depth examination.

All Train Schedule from Karachi to Islamabad with Fare and Timings

Let’s take a deeper dive into each train service and its costs, learning what each offers as we journey from Karachi to Islamabad on this exciting rail adventure. Be ready for an in-depth examination of fare intricacies that accompany this thrilling voyage; buckle up as we make sense of ticket pricing on our journey from Karachi to Islamabad!

For your thorough consideration and to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of available travel options, presented here is an exhaustive list detailing the trains that operate between Karachi and Islamabad, along with their respective departure and arrival times. Additionally, vital information about the Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price is included to ensure a well-informed decision-making process for prospective passengers.

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Hazara Express3600 PKR3700 PKRN/A8500 PKRN/A
Rehman Baba Exp3450 PKR3550 PKR9050 PKR8100 PKRN/A
Green Line5250 PKR5350 PKR12100 PKR9650 PKR10850 PKR
Khyber Mail3500 PKR3600 PKR9800 PKR8500 PKR13150 PKR
Sir Syed Express4600 PKR4700 PKR10500 PKRN/A13850 PKR
Awam Express3500 PKR3600 PKRN/A8500 PKRN/A
Tezgam Express4600 PKR4700 PKR10500 PKR8600 PKR13800 PKR
Pakistan Express3450 PKR3550 PKR9050 PKR8200 PKRN/A

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Pakistan Express (45UP)

Pakistan Express (45UP) provides an affordable and accessible mode of transport between Karachi and Islamabad, serving as a critical link in regional economic activities such as trade and tourism between them. Renowned for its reliability, the train offers various seating options to suit different travelers for an inclusive and pleasant travel experience.

Class Fare SeatFare Berth
EconomyRs. 3450Rs. 3550
AC Lower / StandardRs. 8200Rs. 8200
AC BusinessRs. 9050Rs. 9050

Departure: [01:30 PM]
Arrival: [04:00 PM] Next Day

Green Line (5UP)

Green Line (5UP) stands out for offering a premium travel experience, prioritizing passenger comfort and amenities. Embracing modern conveniences, Green Line facilitates a seamless journey through online ticketing, providing passengers with the ease of booking tickets via a dedicated app. The train’s importance lies in its commitment to both a premium travel experience and embracing technology with an online ticket app, ensuring a distinctive and tech-savvy service for passengers commuting between Karachi and Islamabad.

Class Fare SeatFare Berth
EconomyRs. 5350Rs. 5250
AC BusinessN/ARs. 8150
AC Lower / StandardN/ARs. 9650
Parlor CarRs. 10850N/A

Departure: [10:00 PM]
Arrival: [08:45 PM] Next Day

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Khyber Mail (1UP) Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price

Khyber Mail (1UP) provides passengers with a relaxing mid-range journey experience while striking a balance between cost and comfort. Connecting Karachi and Islamabad, Khyber Mail enriches travel by showcasing cultural diversity along its route and history along the way. Known for its versatility, Khyber Mail caters to travelers searching for comfortable journeys equipped with various amenities – making it an invaluable and adaptable option.

Class Fare SeatFare Berth
EconomyRs. 3500Rs. 3600
AC BusinessRs. 9800Rs. 9800
AC Lower / StandardRs. 8500Rs. 850
AC SleeperRs. 13150Rs. 13150

Departure: [10:15 PM]
Arrival: [02:15 AM] Next Day

Rehman Baba Express (47UP)

Rehman Baba Express (47UP) stands out for providing affordable comfort without compromising essential amenities, offering budget-friendly ticket prices while still enhancing accessibility for passengers traveling between Karachi and Islamabad. Rehman Baba Express stands out as an effective transport solution that strikes a balance between cost and quality, making it an appealing option for anyone seeking economical yet luxurious transportation solutions.

Class Fare SeatFare Berth
EconomyRs. 3450Rs. 3550
AC StandardRs. 8100Rs. 8100
AC BusinessRs. 9050Rs. 9050

Departure: [11:55 AM]
Arrival: [01:50 PM] Next Day

Tezgam Express (7UP)

Tezgam Express (7UP) Train is widely known for its swift and time-effective travel options between Karachi to Islamabad that less in the ticket price, making for an enjoyable journey that prioritizes passenger comfort. Setting an industry benchmark, Tezgam Express sets itself apart by modernizing railway travel by providing seamless services tailored to modern passengers’ needs, guaranteeing them an effortless journey experience.

ClassFare SeatFare Berth
EconomyRs. 4600Rs. 4700
AC BusinessRs. 10500Rs. 10500
AC Lower / StandardRs. 8600Rs. 8600
AC SleeperRs. 13850Rs. 13850

Departure: [05:30 PM]
Arrival: [08:15 PM] Next Day

Sir Sayyed Express (35UP)

Sir Sayyed Express (35UP) stands out by offering affordable yet comfortable travel between Karachi and Islamabad at an attractive rate, making it easily accessible for a range of passengers. Well known for its reliability, Sir Sayyed Express ensures a dependable commuting experience for passengers ensuring convenient journeys along this crucial route. Sir Sayyed Express’s value lies in its dedication to inclusivity and accessibility by providing an economical yet reliable mode of transportation that meets diverse traveler needs on this important route.

Class Fare SeatFare Berth
Economy Brake – IRs.3000Rs.3100
Economy – 78Rs.3000Rs.3100
AC SleeperRs.10500Rs.10500
AC BusinessRs.8800Rs.8800
Lower AC StandardRs.6100Rs.6100

Departure: [09:00 PM]
Arrival: [08:00 PM] Next Day

Hazara Express (11UP)

Hazara Express (11UP) plays an essential role in offering budget-conscious travelers affordable and accessible journeys between Karachi and Islamabad. Famed for its efficiency, this train ensures a balance between cost and service quality to make it a dependable yet economical commuter option. Furthermore, Hazara Express fosters regional connectivity by strengthening transportation links between Karachi and Islamabad, contributing to their accessibility overall.

Class Fare SeatFare Berth
EconomyRs. 3500Rs. 3600
AC StandardRs. 8500Rs. 8500

Departure: [07:35 AM]
Arrival: [02:30 PM] Next Day

Awam Express (13UP) Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price

Awam Express (13UP) stands as an economical mass transit option, providing travel between Karachi and Islamabad for passengers of various backgrounds at an economical price point. Recognized for inclusivity, Awam Express makes travel accessible for all kinds of travelers; contributing towards creating more comprehensive transportation networks throughout Pakistan. Reliable yet budget-conscious, Awam Express makes an excellent commuting choice; an option preferred by individuals looking for consistent yet budget-conscious journey experiences.

ClassTicket Price
Business/ACRs. 3800
Economy SeatRs. 1550
Economy BerthRs. 1450

Departure: [07:00 AM]
Arrival: [02:05 PM] Next Day

Factors Affecting Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price

Several factors influence the ticket prices for train travel from Karachi to Islamabad in Pakistan Railways. Understanding these factors is crucial for passengers to make informed decisions and plan their journeys effectively. Here are the key elements that contribute to the variation in ticket prices:

Train Seating Class

Your selection of an AC Business, Economy, or Sleeper seating class has an immediate effect on ticket pricing. Premium classes often incur more costs due to additional amenities and comfort features that they may offer.

Train Services

Each train service provides unique amenities. Faster services may incur higher fares due to their added benefits; therefore, train services with premium amenities often command higher fares than slower services.

Timing of Booking

Your ticket purchase’s cost can depend heavily on when and how it was booked; early reservations could come with discounts, while last-minute purchases might incur premium costs. Booking at various times gives passengers options based on personal preferences and urgent matters.

Distance Covered and Journey Duration

The ticket price depends on both the total length of travel and several stops along its path; typically longer journeys with multiple stops incur higher ticket costs compared to shorter ones.

Demand and Seat Availability.

Ticket prices can differ based on supply and demand for available seats. When traveling during peak travel seasons or periods of increased demand, ticket prices may rise due to an escalation in competition for available seating spaces.

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Tips for Selecting the Right Train

Choosing the perfect train for your journey between Karachi and Islamabad involves considerations beyond just the Train Ticket Price. To ensure you make the best choice for your travel experience, here are valuable tips:

  • Departure Timings: Consider how departure timings match your busy schedule when selecting your train travel partner to ensure an easy start on your journey.
  • Service Reviews: mes Conduct an in-depth investigation and read reviews regarding each train service provided, taking note of comments regarding cleanliness, staff courtesy, and overall passenger experiences to determine its level of quality service delivery.
  • Travel Duration: Consider the travel duration of each train. Some trains may offer quicker journeys while others might provide a more scenic travel experience; base your decision on what appeals most in terms of speed vs relaxation when making your decision.
  • Amenities on Board: Assess the amenities available onboard trains to match your comfort and entertainment preferences. Some trains provide Wi-Fi, dining options, and comfortable seating arrangements; so select one which best matches them.
  • Available Sleeper Options: If you are planning an overnight journey, be sure to inquire about sleeper berth options. Sleepers can greatly enhance your comfort during lengthy journeys and ensure you arrive at your destination well-rested.
Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket

Conclusion of Karachi to Islamabad Train Ticket Price

Conclusion In summary, traveling from Karachi to Islamabad offers numerous choices tailored to various budgets and personal preferences. Being knowledgeable of ticket costs and related factors enables you to make an informed decision for an enjoyable and comfortable travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I find discounts on The train ticket Price Karachi to Islamabad?

Yes, some train services do offer discounts during certain seasons or promotions.

Are there any sleeper options available on these trains?

Yes, many trains provide sleeper berths for passengers requiring overnight comfort.

How can I purchase train tickets online for this route?

Online platforms and railway websites are convenient ways of booking railway tickets.

Do these prices include any taxes or fees?

Usually, prices listed are all-inclusive; however, it’s advisable to verify for any additional charges.

How long is the average duration of train travel from Karachi to Islamabad?

Train travel time varies widely between trains, with some providing faster journeys than others. Please refer to your schedule for accurate details.

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