New Holland NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 | Rates

Welcome to the world of farms that pack an unstoppable punch. This article covers in detail the NH 70-56 4WD Tractor from its price in Pakistan to its features. how to maintain it properly, and other useful information. If you are an experienced farmer looking for reliable workhorses, look no further.

NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Price

NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Price in Pakistan today 2024

At the forefront of agricultural innovations stands the NH 70-56 4WD Tractor with its 85 horsepower diesel engine beauty for just Rs 4,575,000 now available to Pakistan farmers! Let’s investigate why it has caused such a sensation among them.

NH 4WD TractorOld PricesNew Prices in PKR
NH 70-56Rs. 4,272,000Rs. 4,575,000

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Features NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Price

In terms of agricultural machinery, the New Holland NH 70-56 Tractor stands out amongst its peers not only due to its impressive features and size capabilities. But also for its incredible performance capabilities. Let’s examine each element that makes this tractor such an invaluable choice for farmers searching for excellence in their fields.

85 Horsepower Dominance

At the core of each NH 70-56 is its powerful 85-horsepower diesel engine, providing powerful assurance of efficiency and productivity in any agricultural endeavor. This impressive engine ensures no task is too challenging, guaranteeing efficiency and productivity from start to finish.

Four-wheel drive Capability

With its four-wheel drive capability, navigating various terrains becomes second nature with the NH 70-56’s four-wheel drive capability. From uneven fields to challenging landscapes, this feature gives stability, traction, and confidence when encountering any obstacles on your journey.

Innovative Tech Integration Solutions

Join the future with the innovative features of the NH 70-56 tractor! Featuring GPS navigation and precision farming capabilities, it not only optimizes agricultural operations but is an indispensable partner that brings numerous advantages.

Hydraulic Remotes Offer Versatility of Action

The NH 70-56 comes equipped with Specify Number hydraulic remotes to increase further its versatility in managing different implements. This flexibility enables farmers to easily adapt to changing tasks while still enjoying an uninterrupted workflow experience.

Fuel Efficiency as a Top Priority

Efficiency should encompass more than simply power; it should include efficient use of resources. The NH 70-56 excels in fuel efficiency, ensuring its generated power translates directly into meaningful work without incurring unneeded fuel expenses.

Tips for Maintaining an NH 70-56 4WD Tractor

Keeping your New Holland NH 70-56 Tractor in optimal condition is not just a routine task. it’s an investment in its longevity and performance. Here are essential tips to ensure your tractor operates smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Conduct Regular Inspections

Protect the longevity of your investment with regular inspections that screen for wear and tear and address any potential problems immediately to avoid costly repairs down the line.

Fluid Checks

Make sure your tractor’s vital fluids remain at optimal levels by regularly monitoring engine oil, transmission fluid, and coolant levels to avoid overheating and ensure smooth operations.

Clean Air Filters

Cleaning Air Filters Effective performance requires clean air intake. Regularly check and change air filters to keep dust and debris from hindering engine functionality.

Lubrication Is Key

Proper lubrication of all moving parts is vital to prevent friction-related issues and ensure the smooth functionality of your tractor. This simple step goes a long way toward protecting its parts against wear-and-tear problems as well as guaranteeing its smooth functionality.

Specifications of New Holland NH 70-56

Transmission8 Gear
Brake TypeOil Immersed, Multi-Disc
Clutch Diameter305mm x 254mm
Engine RPM2500 rpm
Parking BrakeHand Lever Operated
Operating Weight2600 KG
Front Axle Type (4WD)Parallel Drive
Clutch TypeDual
Front Tire12.4/11-24
Rear Tire18.4/15-30
Hydraulic Lift Capacity2200 Kg
Engine Power85 HP
Fuel TypeDiesel
SteeringHydrostatic Power
Axle EngagementMechanical
Driver’s SeatSuspension and Hydraulic
Engine Speed at 540 PTO RPM1750 rpm

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Conclusion of NH 70-56 4WD Tractor Price

As one of the latest additions to agricultural machinery, the NH 70-56 4WD Tractor stands out in an increasingly dynamic field as both an investment in farming’s future as well as an impressive machine. Let us now conclude our examination of its price and features before drawing out what makes the NH 70-56 4WD tractor such an appealing option for farmers in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the NH 70-56 handle heavy-duty tasks?

Absolutely! With its 85 horsepower and 4WD capability, the tractor is well-equipped for demanding agricultural tasks.

How often should I conduct maintenance on the tractor?

Regular maintenance is crucial. Conduct inspections and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best results.

Are there financing options available for the NH 70-56 in Pakistan?

Contact local dealerships for information on financing options that may be available.

Does the tractor come with a warranty?

Warranty details may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the dealership for specific information on warranty coverage.

What is the fuel efficiency of the NH 70-56 4WD Tractor?

The NH 70-56 4WD Tractor is designed for optimal fuel efficiency, providing a price effective solution for farmers.

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