Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 | All Models Rate List

Welcome to the world of Belarus tractors, where power and precision merge into agricultural machinery. If you reside in Pakistan and are considering investing in one, rest assured that this journey will combine efficiency with durability. This article covers everything related to Belarus tractor from reviews and pricing factors to price considerations, popular models, maintenance tips reviews as well as their intricacies so join us as we delve deeper into farming machinery designed specifically to further your agricultural efforts!

Review Of Belarus Tractors

Belarus tractors have earned widespread respect from farmers worldwide due to their durability and efficiency in farming operations. Earning their respectability across the board. Before considering price, let’s investigate why Belarus tractors stand out among competitors in agricultural machinery markets.

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan

Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

Belarus Tractor offers options to fit most budgets, ranging from Rs 4,800,000 to Rs 5,700,000. Customers can easily evaluate prices accurately and make informed purchasing decisions using this price guide for tractor purchases.

ModelModel YearHPPrice
80.1 A/C Cabin202180Rs. 5,700,000
800 SPECIAL202180Rs. 5,600,000
800 Simple202180Rs. 5,300,000
512 4WD202170Rs. 5,500,000
Air Compressor202250Rs. 4,950,000
Air Compressor202150Rs. 4,850,000
Draft Control202250Rs. 4,900,000
Draft Control202150Rs. 4,800,000
510 Simple202250Rs. 4,900,000
510 Simple202150Rs. 4,800,000

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Factors Affecting Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan

The Price of Belarus tractors in Pakistan depends on several elements that farmers and buyers should keep in mind when making an informed purchase decision. Understanding these aspects will enable smarter purchasing decisions with greater value from their investments. Let’s examine key components that influence Belarus tractor prices here in Pakistan.

Engine Specifications

Belarus tractors feature various engine options to meet horsepower requirements and fuel efficiency for optimal performance. Engine specs have an impactful influence on pricing; higher horsepower engine technologies often attract a premium.

Model Variants and Features

Belarus provides an assortment of tractor models with distinctive capabilities and attributes, such as GPS navigation, hydraulic systems, transmission options, and price differences.

Build Quality and Durability

Belarus tractors have long been revered for their superior build quality and robust materials and engineering techniques that ensure they remain reliable under extreme agricultural conditions. Due to this popularity, tractors from Belarus can often command higher prices due to their affordability in harsh agricultural settings.

Technology Integration

Modern tractors are equipped with advanced technology to enhance efficiency and ease of use. Features like precision farming technologies, automated controls, and digital monitoring systems contribute to the overall cost.

Government Policies and Import Tariffs

Government policies, import tariffs, and taxation can directly impact the final price of Belarus tractor in Pakistan. Stay informed about any policy changes that may affect the import and pricing of agricultural machinery.

Market Demand and Supply

The basic economic principles of supply and demand play a role in tractor pricing. If there is high demand and limited supply, prices may increase. Conversely, during periods of low demand, prices may be more negotiable. Understanding the market dynamics can help you strategize the timing of your purchase.

Features Of Belarus Tractors

Belarus tractors boast a range of features designed to elevate farming efficiency and convenience. These include:

Robust Build: Sturdy construction for durability in challenging conditions.
Advanced Engines: High-performance engines for increased power and fuel efficiency.
Model Variants: Diverse models catering to specific farming needs.
Technology Integration: Precision farming tech for enhanced productivity.
Hydraulic Systems: Efficient hydraulic systems for seamless operations.
Transmission Options: Varied transmission choices for flexibility.
Ease of Use: User-friendly design prioritizing farmer convenience.
Longevity: Built to last, ensuring a reliable lifespan in the field.

Popular Belarus Tractor Models and Their Prices in Pakistan

Belarus tractors come in various models to meet different farming needs. Let’s explore some popular models along with their key specifications:

Belarus 510

Belarus 510 The Belarus 510 is a 2WD tractor featuring 50 horsepower. Perfect for small- and medium-sized farms, its high fuel efficiency makes it a smart investment choice.

Belarus 820

For farms of medium to large-sized scale, the Belarus 820 stands out. Boasting 81 horsepower, this 4WD tractor comes equipped with features like power steering and hydraulic lift for enhanced functionality.

Belarus 952

Belarus 952 The Belarus 952 is an efficient 4WD powerhouse boasting 92 horsepower. Engineered to deliver maximum performance, its features such as its turbocharged engine and comfortable cabin ensure productive work environments that foster productivity and comfort.

Belarus 1025

For heavy-duty agricultural tasks, the Belarus 1025 4WD tractor with its powerful 105 horsepower is your go-to 4WD tractor. From tilling and plowing to planting and more, its robust four-wheel drive capabilities enable efficient performance of demanding tasks.

Tips for Maintaining Belarus Tractors

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your Belarus tractor involves simple yet crucial maintenance practices:

  • Regular Inspections: Check for wear and tear, addressing issues promptly.
  • Fluid Levels: Keep an eye on oil, coolant, and hydraulic fluid levels, topping up as needed.
  • Clean Air Filters: Regularly clean or replace air filters for efficient engine performance.
  • Proper Lubrication: Grease moving parts as recommended in the manual to prevent friction.
  • Battery Maintenance: Keep the battery terminals clean and ensure a proper charge.
  • Tire Care: Monitor tire pressure and tread, adjusting as necessary for even wear.
  • Safe Storage: Store your tractor in a dry, sheltered area to prevent weather-related damage.
  • Follow the Manual: Adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for optimal results.

Advantages of Using Belarus Tractors

Why choose Belarus tractors over other options in the market? Let’s explore the unique advantages that make these machines a preferred choice for farmers globally.

  • Durability: Sturdy construction ensures longevity in challenging farming conditions.
  • Versatility: Diverse models cater to various farm sizes and tasks.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Efficient engines contribute to cost-effective operations.
  • Advanced Features: Integration of modern technologies enhances productivity.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic designs and comfortable cabins prioritize operator well-being.
  • Resale Value: A solid brand reputation ensures good resale potential.
  • Reliability: Belarus tractors are known for their dependable performance in the field.

Belarus 510 Tractor Specifications:

Explore the key specifications of the Belarus 510 tractor, offering a snapshot of its capabilities:


Typewithout turbocharging
Capacity, h.p./kW57/41,9
Torque capacity, ?·m²271
Fuel use, g/(kW·h)229.0+6.9


Selective GearManual, with reduced gear that doubles the number of gears
Flywheel ClutchSingle-disk, friction, spring-loaded
Number of Gears FWD/BWD9/2
Back PTO Shaft, min-1540


Pump displacement at nominal speed diesel crankshaft, l/min, minimum45
Pump displacement at nominal speed diesel crankshaft, l/min, minimum3200
Full-scale pressure, MPa20-2


Maximum weight, kg5800
Axle arrangement4?2


Minimum and maximum speed FWD/BWD, km/hMin 1,44/3.18
Max 26,50/7,10
Climatic modification?1/?1

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Conclusion of Belarus Tractor Price in Pakistan

Belarus tractors offer durability versatility, and advanced features that meet a range of farming needs from the efficient. Belarus 510 to the powerful 1025 models with price depending on engine specifications and technology integration options to fit different budgets. Choose Belarus for an enjoyable yet long-lasting farming experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Belarus tractors suitable for Pakistani farming conditions?

Belarus tractors are designed for durability and efficiency, well-suited to handle diverse agricultural tasks in Pakistani conditions.

Are spare parts readily available in Pakistan for Belarus tractors?

Yes, Belarus tractors have a robust distribution network, ensuring readily available spare parts in Pakistan.

Can Belarus tractors handle diverse agricultural tasks?

Belarus tractors come in various models, each equipped to handle a range of farming operations efficiently.

What financing options are available for purchasing Belarus tractors in Pakistan?

Financing options vary by dealers, but many offer flexible payment plans to accommodate different budgets.

How often should routine maintenance be performed on Belarus tractors?

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, regular maintenance should be conducted to ensure optimal performance.

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