Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan | General & Panther Tyre Rates

Investment in quality tractor tyres is essential to every tractor owner. Pakistan provides an expansive array of Tractor Tyre prices that cater to individual user requirements, meeting every need perfectly. By understanding quality standards, factors affecting prices and essential tips you can make an informed decision to improve the performance of your tractor.

Importance of Quality Tractor Tyres

Your tractor’s performance depends heavily on its tyre quality. Investing in high-grade tractor tyres ensures better traction, fuel efficiency, longevity and enhanced stability when traversing challenging terrain or carrying loads.

Tractor Tyre Price

Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan 2024

Tractor tyre costs in Pakistan can fluctuate widely depending on factors like brand, size and type. As of 2024, prices ranged between Rs. 6,250 to Rs. 72,910. This broad selection caters to the unique needs and preferences of tractor owners.

Review of Panther Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

Panther tractor tyres offer a range of choices to tractor owners. Understanding their price spectrum will enable you to decide based on your specific needs.

Front Panther Tractor Tyre Prices

Panther tractor tyre Rates typically range from Rs. 6,540 to Rs. 12,440 in Pakistan, reflecting their quality and durability.

PLYTyre SizePrice in PKR
8 PLY7.50-20Rs. 12,440
6 PLY6.00-16Rs. 6,540
6 PLY7.50-16Rs. 10,512
8 PLY6.00-16Rs. 7,380
10 PLY6.00-16Rs. 7,980

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Rear Panther Tractor Tyres

Rear Panther tractor tyre prices in Pakistan typically fall within the range of Rs. 30,090 to Rs. 61,570 and are designed for heavy-duty usage.

PLY RatingTyre SizePrice
1214.9/13-28Rs. 42,440
614.9/13-28Rs. 30,090
1216.9/14-30Rs. 57,990
1215.5-38Rs. 61,570
1418.4/15-30Rs. 69,434
1212.4/11-28Rs. 55,590
612.4/11-28Rs. 32,810
812.4/11-28Rs. 43,240
814.9/13-28Rs. 31,700

General Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

General tractor tyres provide tractor owners with many choices, from front and rear options at different price points to help inform their decisions. Understanding their prices will assist in making a more informed decision.

Front General Tractor Tyre Prices

Front General tractor tyres in Pakistan typically fall between Rs. 6,250 to Rs. 12,750, making sure that tractor owners have access to reliable options without breaking their budgets.

Tyre SizePlyPrice in PKR
7.50-208 PlyRs. 12,750
7.50-166 PlyRs. 9,850
6.00-168 PlyRs. 6,710
7.50-168 PlyRs. 10,450
6.00-166 PlyRs. 6,250

Rear General Tractor Tyre Prices

Pakistan generally offers rear General tractor tyre cost between Rs. 29,250 and Rs. 72,910 to fit various budget constraints while upholding quality standards.

Tyre SizePlyPrice in Pakistan
14.9/2812 PLYRs. 48,850
16.9/14-3014 PLYRs. 57,900
12.4/11-2812 PLYRs. 32,250
12.4/11-286 PLYRs. 29,250
16.9/14-308 PLYRs. 56,650
18.4/15-308 PLYRs. 70,680
14.9/13-288 PLYRs. 44,450
12.4/11-288 PLYRs. 30,800
18.4/15-3014 PLYRs. 72,910

Factors Impacting Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

Understanding the factors affecting tractor tyre cost in Pakistan is essential to making informed purchasing decisions. Here are five key influences that significantly alter their cost in the country:

Brand Reputation:

Renowned brands typically come with higher price tags due to their established track record of quality and durability, leading to greater initial costs while yielding longer-term benefits. While investing in such an established brand could prove worthwhile over time, its upfront costs may make the initial decision harder for consumers.

Tyre Size and Type:

Tractor tyre sizes and types have an effectful relationship on their costs, with larger models designed for heavy-duty usage or specific terrain costing more. By understanding your tractor’s specific requirements, you can select an ideal set without overspending.

Tread Design and Pattern:

Tyre tread designs play an essential part in their performance. Tires featuring advanced tread patterns designed for improved traction and durability may carry higher prices; take into account how you plan on using your tractor before selecting an optimal tread pattern design for yourself.

Material Quality:

The quality of materials used in manufacturing tractor tyres has a direct effect on their prices. High-grade materials, such as advanced rubber compounds and reinforced steel, tend to provide better durability and performance, yet may increase overall costs associated with purchasing them.

Market Demand and Supply:

Like with any commodity, demand and supply in the tractor tyre market influence prices. When there’s high demand for certain brands or sizes that have limited supplies available, prices may skyrocket if supply decreases quickly enough to keep up. It pays to stay abreast of market trends to be aware of potential price changes as soon as they occur.

Tips for Choosing the Appropriate Tractor Tyres

Choosing the right tractor tyres involves considering various factors. From size and tread pattern to load capacity, these tips will guide you in making a well-informed decision for your tractor.

  • Assess Terrain Conditions: Consider the type of terrain your tractor operates on, whether it’s muddy, rocky, or flat, to choose tyres with the right tread pattern.
  • Understand Size Requirements: Determine the correct tyre size for your tractor based on the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure optimal performance.
  • Consider Traction Needs: Assess the level of traction needed for your tasks. Different tyre designs offer varying levels of traction, affecting performance on different surfaces.
  • Balance Budget and Quality: Find a balance between your budget constraints and the quality of tyres. Higher-priced options may offer enhanced durability, but affordable choices can still meet basic requirements.
  • Check Speed Ratings: Ensure that the chosen tyres have an appropriate speed rating compatible with your tractor’s speed capabilities.
  • Review User Feedback: Read reviews and testimonials from other tractor owners to gain insights into the performance and durability of specific tyre brands and models.
  • Consult Manufacturer Guidelines: Refer to the tractor manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for tyre specifications to make an informed decision.
  • Check for Warranty Coverage: Look for tyres with a solid warranty to safeguard your investment. A solid warranty reflects the manufacturer’s trust in their product.

Checking Warranty and Support:

As part of any investment decision, making sure your tractor tyres come with reliable warranty coverage and customer support are essential components for long-term satisfaction. Here are key points when looking into warranty and support of tractor tyres:

  • Warranty Duration: It is essential to research the warranty provided by each tyre manufacturer, as longer periods usually reflect their confidence in its durability.
  • Coverage Details: Understand the specifics of your warranty coverage. Check to make sure it includes common issues like tread wear, manufacturing defects, and any potential other potential problems.
  • Conditions for Warranty Validity: Be mindful of any requirements for maintaining a valid warranty, such as regular maintenance, inflation levels that conform with load capacity guidelines, and proper servicing.
  • User Feedback on Support: Seek user reviews or feedback from other tractor owners regarding their experience with the manufacturer’s customer support, particularly after purchase assistance. Positive responses indicate reliable support services from manufacturers.
  • Authorized Service Centers: Confirm the existence of authorized service centers offering tyre maintenance and support. Local service points make addressing issues or getting replacement tyres much simpler.
  • Terms and Conditions: It is essential that you carefully read through and comprehend all the terms and conditions associated with a warranty agreement, including any possible restrictions or exclusions that might apply.

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Conclusion of Tractor Tyre Prices in Pakistan

Asset in quality tractor tyres is essential to every tractor owner. Pakistan provides an expansive array of options and prices that cater to individual user requirements, meeting every need perfectly. By understanding quality standards, factors affecting prices and essential tips you can make an informed decision to improve the performance of your tractor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are higher-priced tractor tyres always better?

Not necessarily. The best choice depends on your specific needs and usage patterns.

How often should I replace my tractor tyres?

Regularly check the tread depth, and replace tyres when they fall below the recommended level

Do warranty terms vary among different tyre brands?

Yes, warranty terms can vary, so it’s essential to carefully review them before making a purchase.

Can I mix different brands of tyres on my tractor?

While not ideal, it’s possible. However, it’s recommended to stick with the same brand for optimal performance.

What is the lifespan of tractor tyres?

The lifespan varies based on factors like usage, maintenance, and road conditions. Regular inspection is crucial to determine when replacement is necessary.

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