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When innovation and need combine in the fast-paced world of agriculture, ATS Tractors become a powerful force. This introduction lays the groundwork for dissecting the intricate workings of the massive agricultural corporation. With a particular emphasis on a crucial component: the Ats Tractor Price in Pakistan. Come along as we examine the numbers as well as the narrative they provide about the viability, efficiency, and future of farming in Pakistan.

Overview of ATS Tractors

In the world of agricultural machinery, ATS Tractors stand as a symbol of precision, power, and innovation. In this section, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features, capabilities, and offerings that make ATS Tractors such a significant force on farms across the. Join us as we navigate through the distinctive qualities that define them.

Ats Tractor Price

Ats Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

At the core of every farmer’s decision-making process is the price tag. As of 2024, the Ats Tractor price ranges from Rs. 2,889,000 to Rs. 4,195,000. This pricing strategy positions ATS as a competitive player in the market, offering a spectrum of options catering to various budget considerations.

ATS Tractor ModelsPrices
ATS-290 Power AssistRs. 2,989,000
ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static)Rs. 3,148,000
ATS-290 ManualRs. 2,889,000
ATS-290 Special (4 x 4)Rs. 4,195,000

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Additional Models of ATS Tractors in Pakistan

ATS-290 Manual

Among the lineup is the ATS-290 Manual, a model that puts control firmly in the hands of the farmer. With a manual transmission, this variant ensures a hands-on experience for those who prefer a traditional touch.

ATS-290 Power Assist

For those seeking a balance between manual control and assisted power, the ATS-290 Power Assist emerges as a compelling choice. This model incorporates power assistance, enhancing efficiency without compromising the farmer’s control.

ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static)

Stepping into advanced terrain, the ATS-290 Special with Hydro Static transmission offers a seamless and fluid driving experience. The hydrostatic technology brings a new level of ease to tractor operation.

ATS-290 Special (4 x 4)

Embracing the demands of challenging terrains, the ATS-290 Special with 4 x 4 capability is tailored for those who navigate through rugged landscapes. This model ensures optimal traction and power distribution on all four wheels.

Features of an ATS Tractor

Diving into the specifics, let’s uncover the features that make ATS Tractors stand out in the crowded market. From robust build quality to advanced technological integrations, every aspect is crafted to enhance the farming experience. And yes, we can’t overlook the Ats Tractor Price, making it an appealing package.

  • Robust Build: Engineered for durability, ATS Tractors endure the rigors of the field.
  • Advanced Technology: From precision farming tools to digital integration, ATS keeps you ahead in technology.
  • Versatile Models: Tailored to diverse needs, ATS offers manual, power-assist, hydrostatic, and 4 x 4 variants.
  • Optimized Power: ATS Tractors deliver optimal power and torque for seamless field performance.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfort meets functionality with ergonomic cabins designed for extended operation.
  • Affordable Maintenance: Practical design ensures easy maintenance without breaking the bank.

Tips for Maintaining an ATS Tractor

Tips for Maintaining an ATS A tractor is an investment, so making sure it remains functional for years is a top priority. Here is some practical advice specifically tailored to ATS Tractors that should ensure it stand the test of time.

Regular Inspections: Conduct regular checks of essential components like belts, hoses, and filters to identify signs of wear or damage in time to avoid more extensive issues from occurring.

Fluid Levels: Monitor fluid levels frequently, such as engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolant levels to ensure smooth operations and prevent overheating. By keeping them at optimal levels you will ensure smooth operations without overheating.

Maintain Clean Filters: Regular inspection and replacement are key for optimal engine efficiency. Check and clean or replace air filters regularly to prevent dust and debris from disrupting performance and degrading engine health.

Proper Lubrication: Make sure all moving parts are adequately lubricated to reduce friction, and wear, and extend the lifespan of vital components. Regularly grease fittings and joints to minimize friction, and wear, and extend their lives.

Tire Maintenance: Conduct regular tire checks to keep the pressure at optimal levels and inspect for any signs of damage or inflation issues. Inflation-friendly and properly maintained tires offer improved traction and fuel economy benefits.

Storage Practices: When storing an ATS Tractor, take precautions to protect it from the elements. For optimal results, cover it to protect it from sun and rain exposure, and ideally store it in a protected environment for reduced corrosion risk.

Specifications of Ats Tractors

Getting under the hood, it’s essential to understand the specifications that drive the performance of ATS Tractors. From engine power to hydraulic capabilities, each specification contributes to the overall functionality of these farming companions.

SpeedUp to 30 KM/H Forward, 14.50 KM/H in Reverse
Fuel TypeDiesel
TyresSliding Spur
Wheelbase2310 mm
Front Tyre7.40-16 (6 PR) Pressed
Maximum Lift Capacity2150 KG
Battery12 V, 110 Ah
Engine Type440 TN (A4.248)
Gears8 Forward and 2 Reverse
Number of Cylinders4-inline
ClutchDual, 12 Inch
Cooling SystemWater Cooled

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Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, the introduction of ATS Tractors in the Pakistani market signifies a shift in the dynamics of the farming machinery industry. The Ats Tractor Price, coupled with a diverse range of models, caters to the nuanced needs of farmers across the spectrum. Whether you’re a traditionalist seeking manual control or someone embracing the advancements of hydrostatic transmission, ATS has something to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets ATS Tractors apart from other brands in Pakistan?

ATS Tractors distinguishes itself through a fusion of English engineering and Pakistani adaptability, offering a unique blend tailored to local needs.

Can I find spare parts easily for ATS Tractors?

Yes, ATS, having a history in the spare parts business, ensures a readily available supply of components for their tractors.

Are ATS Tractors suitable for challenging terrains?

The ATS-290 Special (4 x 4) model is designed to tackle rugged landscapes with optimal traction and power distribution.

How does the ATS-290 Special (Hydro Static) transmission benefit farmers?

The hydrostatic transmission in this model provides a smooth and fluid driving experience, enhancing operational efficiency.

Is the Ats Tractor Rate justified considering its features?

Indeed, the Ats Tractor Price reflects a balance between affordability and the advanced features packed into each model.

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