Bull Power IMT Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2024 | New Rates

Are you in search of a powerful, hardwearing tractor capable of adapting to various tasks? If that is the case for you, Bull Power IMT Tractor might just be the perfect solution for you. It offers top-of-the-line power and performance while remaining reasonable thanks to its competitive prices. Here we will discuss the Bull Power IMT Tractor Prices, features, and Specifications.

Bull Power IMT Tractor of Overview

Farming requires having access to reliable and powerful tractors. The IMT Bull Power Tractor stands out as an outstanding symbol of power and efficiency. It is designed to meet the varied needs of farmers and agricultural enthusiasts alike. This section explores all of the distinctive features that make this tractor such a compelling choice.

Bull Power IMT Tractor Prices in Pakistan 2024

Bull Power IMT Tractor Prices in Pakistan for 2024 start from Rs. 2,910,000 and go up to Rs. 4,075,000, making this IMT Bull Power Tractor an affordable choice in the market, providing an optimal balance of performance and Price.

Bull Power-56560Rs. 2,235,000
Bull Power-565-S Power60N/A
Bull Power 549 S50N/A
Bull Power-54950Rs. 1,905,000
Bull Power-57776Rs. 2,860,000
IMT-577 Special Edition76Rs. N/A
Bull Power-577 D76Rs. N/A
Bull Power 58585Rs. 2,910,000
Bull Power 585 4WD85Rs. 4,075,000

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Factors Affecting IMT Bull Power Tractor Price in Pakistan

Understanding what factors affect IMT Bull Power Tractor Prices is vitally important to any potential buyers. In this segment, we explore some of these influences that contribute to price fluctuations while offering insight into Pakistan’s agricultural machinery market dynamics.

Technological Advancements:

Integration of advanced technologies such as GPS-guided systems and smart monitoring increases overall costs; more sophisticated features have an even larger effect on tractor prices.

Transmission Options:

Transmission Options A tractor’s cost depends heavily on its transmission options – manual, automatic, or a combination thereof. Offering versatile transmission choices may have various price tags that meet individual preferences and needs.

Build and Durability:

Bull Power Tractor’s build and durability depend heavily on its materials and build quality, with heavy-duty versions often commanding higher initial costs but providing long-term reliability.

Customization Options:

The availability of customization options like specialized attachments and adjustable settings can impact pricing for tractors that offer various forms of personalization to meet different farming needs, potentially altering their price structure accordingly.

Safety Features:

Integrating additional safety features, such as roll bars and emergency stop mechanisms, into the Bull Power IMT tractor may affect its Prices structure. While enhanced safety measures increase they can increase initial costs.

Features of Bull Power IMT Tractor

IMT Bull Power Tractor’s success can be attributed to its impressive array of features. Ranging from engine power and technological integrations to exceptional maneuverability and maneuverability. This section provides a thorough insight into what sets this tractor apart from others in its class.

  • Robust Engine Power: At the core of every Bull Power Tractor lies an efficient, high-performance engine equipped with plenty of horsepower and torque ideal for handling various tasks with ease.
  • Advanced Technological Integrations: The Bull Power Tractor relies on cutting-edge technology to optimize its overall performance.
  • Versatile Communication Options Available: Farmers often face diverse terrain and tasks. The Bull Power Tractor meets this challenge head-on by offering flexible transmission options whether manual or automatic transmission is preferred.
  • Heavy-duty construction for Durability: The Bull Power Tractor boasts a heavy-duty build, constructed with durable materials to withstand harsh environments and last longer without needing repairs. This ensures less downtime due to repairs.
  • Hydraulic Systems for Precision: Precision in agriculture is of utmost importance, especially when performing tasks such as planting and harvesting. The Bull Power Tractor features advanced hydraulic systems for precise control.

Different Models of Bull Power

Bull Power Tractor 585

The Bull Power Tractor 585 features an IMR-S44 A/T engine delivering 85 HP at 2200 rpm and 300 Nm torque at 1400 E/G rpm. It offers 70 HP PTO power at rated E/G speed and 65 HP at 540 rpm. The engine has a compression ratio of 15.3:1, direct injection, 4 cylinders, 101 mm bore, and 127 mm stroke, with a capacity of 4.068 liters.

Bull Power Tractor 585


SpecificationBull Power Tractor 585
Throttle ControlFoot and Hand
Bore101 mm
Horsepower (BS)85 HP at 2200 rpm
PTO Power70 HP at rated E/G speed, 65 HP at 540 rpm
Compression Ratio15.3:1
Stroke127 mm
Injection SystemDirect Injection
EngineIMR-S44 A/T
Capacity4.068 liters
Cylinder Configuration4 cylinders
Torque300 Nm at 1400 E/G rpm

Bull Power Tractor 549

The Bull Power 549 tractor is an agricultural powerhouse with 50HP (BS), direct injection, natural aspiration, and convenient starting via thermostat. Throttle control is flexible with options for foot or hand operation, making it a robust choice!

Bull Power Tractor 549


SpecificationBull Power 549
Engine50 HP (BS)
Compression Ratio16.5:1
Injection SystemDirect Injection
Cylinder Configuration3 cylinders
Displacement2.5 liters
Throttle ControlFoot and Hand
Air Cleaner TypeWet, oil bath, with over-bonnet air cleaner
Fuel FilterThermostat
Exhaust SystemVertical

Bull Power Tractor 565

The Bull Power 565 tractor is powered by a 60HP (BS) IMR-DM34T engine, featuring a 15.5:1 compression ratio and direct injection. With a three-cylinder design, it achieves increased power output, and turbocharged aspiration adds an extra boost.

Bull Power Tractor 565


SpecificationBull Power 565
Bore91.5 mm
Stroke127 mm
Compression Ratio15.5:1
Throttle ControlFoot and Hand
CoolingWater Cooling
Fuel FilterDual, High Capacity
Air Cleaner TypeOil Bath with Over Bonnet Air Pre Cleaner
Capacity2.5 liters
Injection SystemDirect Injection
Cylinder Configuration3 cylinders
Exhaust SystemVertical
Horsepower (BS)60 HP
Oil CoolerAir-Cooled Fins

Tips for Maintaining IMT Bull Power Tractor

Maintaining a powerful tractor requires regular and careful care and upkeep. This section offers useful guidelines and tips on maintaining an IMT Bull Power Tractor to extend its longevity and ensure optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

Regular Inspection Routine

Make time in your schedule to inspect your tractor regularly. Look out for signs of wear and tear, loose bolts, fluid leaks, and any wear-and-tear damage. Early detection can save more serious issues from developing in the future.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

Be sure to keep all moving parts well-lubricated by regularly greasing joints, bearings, and other components as directed in your tractor manual. Lubrication helps reduce friction which reduces wear and tear over time.

Maintain Proper Fluid Levels

Check and keep fluid levels within appropriate limits, such as engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and coolant. Proper levels are necessary for smooth tractor operation and longevity.

Clean Air Filters

Clean or replace air filters regularly to ensure the engine receives clean air for combustion, as clogged filters may lead to reduced engine performance and increased fuel usage.

Inspect and Rotate Tires

Regularly Check and Rotate Tires Make it a habit of regularly inspecting tire pressure, tread depth, and overall condition to maintain even wear and extend tire lifespan. Rotating them according to manufacturer recommendations ensures even wear and extends the tire lifespan.

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Overall Conclusion

The IMT Bull Power Tractor proves an appealing option for farmers in Pakistan. Combining power with durability and affordability, it meets the diverse needs of agriculture in Pakistan. As agricultural landscapes change over time, having reliable partners such as this tractor becomes essential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes the IMT Bull Power Tractor unique?

The IMT Bull Power Tractor stands out for its powerful performance robust features, and competitive prices Making it a versatile and cost-effective choice.

Can I purchase the Bull Power Tractor directly from the manufacturer?

Yes, the Bull Power Tractor is available through authorized dealerships and directly from the manufacturer, ensuring accessibility for buyers.

Are there financing options available for the Bull Power Tractor?

Many dealerships offer financing options to make the Bull Power Tractor more accessible to a wider range of customers.

How often should I service the Bull Power Tractor for optimal performance?

Regular maintenance is key. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and service recommendations for optimal performance.

Does the IMT Bull Power Tractor come with a warranty?

Yes, the Bull Power Tractor typically comes with a warranty, providing buyers with added peace of mind regarding their investment.

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