Kashees Beauty Parlour Price | Today Rate List 2024

Have you ever questioned, “Why should I give a damn about Kashees Beauty Parlour Price?” Understanding the cost of beauty services is not just about money; it’s about making informed decisions. Whether you’re preparing for your dream wedding or a special event, the right makeup and beauty services can enhance your confidence and overall experience.

We shall explore the realm of in this article Kashees Beauty Parlour’s pricing, providing you with insights that empower you to make choices that align with your needs. The price range for Kashees Beauty Parlour in 2024 is Rs 24,000 to Rs 28,000., and it’s crucial to grasp the significance behind these numbers.

Kashees Beauty Parlour Price

Getting to Know the Kashees Beauty Parlor Price

Embarking on a journey to Kashees Beauty Parlour is not just about choosing a service; it’s about understanding the intricacies of the prices attached to the beauty experience. Let’s demystify the numbers and explore the value behind the Kashees Beauty Parlour prices.

Unveiling the Bridal Makeup Prices

Discover the enchantment of bridal beauty with Kashees Beauty Parlour, where the magic happens at a price that ranges between 24,000 to 28,000 PKR. Let’s delve into what makes this investment in your radiant beauty worthwhile.

Kashees Makeup ArtistPrices (Rs)
Kashif AslamRs. 28,000
Anum AslamRs. 26,000
Other Beauty ExpertsRs. 24,000

Kashees Party Makeup Rate

Indulge in the allure of glamour with Kashees Beauty Parlour’s Party Makeup, where the spotlight is on you. This section unravels the details of the Party Makeup Price Breakdown, set within the enticing range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 19,000.

Kashees Makeup ArtistPrices (Rs)
Kashif AslamRs. 19,000
Anum AslamRs. 18,000
Other Beauty ExpertsRs. 10,000

Kashees Beauty Parlour Mehndi Rate

Dive into the vibrant world of Mehndi at Kashees Beauty Parlour, where the intricate patterns on your hands tell a tale of tradition and beauty. This section delves into “Understanding Mehndi Price,” ranging from an affordable starting point of Rs 500 to more elaborate and personalized designs that can reach as much as Rs 12,000.

Designe TypeDesign Type
One Side of Hand Mehndi5000
Bridal Mehndi12000

K&N’s Products Price List | Today Rate

Kashees Makeup Products Price Today Rate List

Walima Bridal Makeup Rate

Embark on a journey into the world of elegance and sophistication with Walima bridal makeup at Kashees Beauty Parlour. This section is dedicated to “Walima Bridal Makeup Price,” where the allure of the celebration is complemented by a price range between Rs 24,000 to Rs 28,000.

Kashees Beauty Parlour Cosmetic Price

Embark on a journey into the world of allure and glamour with Kashees Beauty Parlour’s exquisite cosmetic range. In this segment, we explore the “Kashees Beauty Parlour Cosmetic Price,” where the enchanting products start from a budget-friendly Rs 500 and extend to the pinnacle of luxury at around Rs 12,000.

Factors That Affect Kashees Beauty Parlour Prices

When considering the pricing at Kashees Beauty Parlour, several factors come into play, influencing the cost of services and products. Understanding these factors provides valuable insights into the pricing structure and allows customers to make informed decisions. Here are some key elements that affect Kashees Beauty Parlour Prices

Service Complexity:

The intricacy and complexity of the beauty service play a significant role in determining the price. Bridal makeup, for example, may involve more detailed and time-consuming work compared to everyday makeup.

Product Quality:

The quality of cosmetic products used in the services can impact the overall cost. Kashees Beauty Parlour is known for using high-quality products, and the price reflects the use of premium brands.

Expertise of the Artist:

The level of expertise and experience of the makeup artist or stylist can influence the pricing. Senior artists or specialists may have different pricing structures compared to junior staff.

Seasonal Demand:

During peak wedding seasons or special occasions, there might be an increased demand for services, potentially affecting prices. It’s essential to consider the timing of your appointment.

Package Inclusions:

Packages that include multiple services may offer cost savings compared to individual bookings. Understanding the package inclusions is crucial for evaluating the overall value.

Tips for Customers at Kashees Beauty Parlour

Prepare for an extraordinary beauty experience at Kashees Beauty Parlour with these insightful tips to make the most of your visit:

  • Schedule in Advance: To ensure you secure your preferred time slot, schedule your appointment well in advance. Kashees Beauty Parlour is a sought-after destination, and planning ahead ensures you get the pampering you deserve.
  • Bring Reference Images: Communicate your vision effectively by bringing reference images of the look you desire. This helps the skilled artists at Kashees understand your style and tailor their expertise to your unique preferences.
  • Skincare Preparation: For optimal results, prep your skin in the days leading up to your appointment. Hydrated and well-cared-for skin provides the perfect canvas for Kashees artists to work their magic.
  • Budget Planning: Before your visit, have a clear understanding of the services you desire and their associated costs. This allows you to plan your budget accordingly and explore the options that align with your financial preferences.

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Conclusion Kashees Beauty Parlour Price

In conclusion, Kashees Beauty Parlour’s fascinating beauty journey transforms you into a confident and elegant presence. Kashees Beauty Parlour Price is an investment in a memorable beauty experience due to its excellent craftsmanship, personalised touches, and wide range of services. It creates an unforgettable experience that leaves you feeling glamorous and sophisticated long after the cosmetic application or beauty service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the price range for Bridal Makeup at Kashees Beauty Parlour?

Usually, Kashees Beauty Parlour is priced between Rs 24,000 and Rs 28,000 for bridal makeup.

Are the Party Makeup prices at Kashees Beauty Parlour inclusive of all services?

Yes, the Party Makeup prices cover a comprehensive range of services. The breakdown includes trends, styles, and a thorough analysis of the value for money.

Can you provide more details about the Mehndi Price at Kashees Beauty Parlour?

Certainly! The Mehndi Price at Kashees Beauty Parlour starts from Rs 500 and can extend up to around Rs 12,000, offering a spectrum of options for diverse preferences.

What is the price range for cosmetic products at Kashees Beauty Parlour?

The cosmetic products at Kashees Beauty Parlour are accessible to all, with prices starting from Rs 500 and reaching up to around Rs 12,000 for premium selections.

How can I make the most of my visit to Kashees Beauty Parlour within my budget?

Planning is key! Know the services you desire and their associated costs beforehand. Additionally, consider the tips provided for customers to ensure a seamless and budget-friendly experience.

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