Chicken Price in Pakistan 2024 | Lahore, Rawalpindi & Karachi

Are You Crazy About Current Chicken Prices in Pakistan? A mouthwatering chicken curry aroma may tempt us, but staying up-to-date on current chicken rates is crucial in 2024. In this Eassywe will look into current Chicken Price in Pakistan today in key cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi to gain more insight into how dynamics impact these prices. Let’s discover more of Pakistan’s poultry market as we learn what factors affect these costs!

Chicken Price in Pakistan Today Rate

Chicken Price in Different Cities of Pakistan

Are You Wonderd About Chicken Prices in Pakistan? Today’s rates illustrate an ever-evolving market, with significant fluctuations between Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Islamabad and Karachi. Check back soon for a breakdown of each city’s rates so that you can make smart decisions for your kitchen.

Rawalpindi Chicken Price

Rawalpindi, known for its culinary legacy, experiences fluctuations in chicken prices. At present, the rate in Rawalpindi ranges between 310 and 610 PKR per kilogram based on local markets’ assessments of demand and supply.

ChickenPrice in (RS)
Alive ChickenRs. 420
Retail Market Per KGRs. 740
Packed Chicken Per KGRs. 790

Rate of Chicken Today in Multan

As we head south, let’s investigate Multan’s chicken rates. Known for its diverse cuisine and offering various chicken prices, stay updated on what the latest rates in Multan may be so you’re well informed for your culinary adventure.

ItemPrice in PKR
Alive ChickenRs. 410
Chicken Per KGRs. 700
Packed Chicken Per KGRs. 735

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Today Chicken Price in Karachi

As we travel towards Karachi, renowned for its lively food scene, discover its latest chicken rates. Due to Karachi’s unique dynamics, its prices may fluctuate frequently; we will discover why this occurs and its implications.

1 KG ChickenRate in PKR
Alive ChickenRs. 510
Chicken MeatRs. 800
Packed Meat of ChickenRs. 850

Lahore’s Current Chicken Meat Rate

Lahore, Pakistan’s cultural capital, offers diverse culinary traditions. Explore today the chicken meat prices in Lahore compared to other cities so that you can make smart decisions for your next family meal.

ChickenMinimum RateMaximum Rate
Alive ChickenRs. 550Rs. 670
Chicken Meat Per KGRs. 700Rs. 800

Different Rates Apply to Poultry Items

Apart from chicken meat, other poultry items make up part of the overall market. From eggs to specialty cuts, we will outline rates for various poultry items and offer an insight into Pakistan’s current poultry market.

Poultry ItemRates
Chicken Mince Per KGRs. 700
Chicken Drumsticks Per KGRs. 620
Chicken Leg With Skin Per KGRs.730
Chicken Breast Boneless Per KGRs. 750
Chicken Wings Per KGRs. 580
Chicken Without SkinRs. 625
Desi Chicken Meat Per KGRs. 1150
Chicken Nick Per KGRs. 250
Chicken Leg Per KGRs. 450

Factors Affecting Chicken Price in Pakistan

Chicken prices in Pakistan are determined by many key influences, such as feed costs, demand-supply dynamics, transportation expenses, weather conditions, and government policies. Being aware of these forces will allow you to navigate this ever-evolving poultry market more successfully.

  • Feed Costs: Feed costs make up an important component of poultry production expenses and any fluctuations in their prices can have a dramatic effect on chicken prices.
  • Local Demand and Supply: Balancing the local chicken supply and demand is of critical importance, with market dynamics, consumer preferences, and seasonal changes all impacting this delicate equilibrium.
  • Transportation Costs: Transport costs play an integral role in overall pricing for chicken products, impacting both fuel costs and logistical considerations.
  • Weather Conditions: Adverse weather can damage poultry farming operations, leading to decreased supplies and price increases.
  • Government Policies: Regulations, subsidies, and trade agreements have an enormous effect on chicken prices. Keep abreast of government interventions shaping the poultry industry landscape.

Comparison Between Chicken & Mutton

At times, deciding between chicken and mutton can be a culinary puzzle, especially considering the current Chicken Price in Pakistan. Here, we spotlight key differences between these meats to assist you in making an informed decision for your next meal. Explore the distinctions in taste, nutritional profiles, cooking versatility, and price points, taking into account the prevailing chicken rates in Pakistan for a well-rounded choice.

Taste and Texture

  • Chicken offers tender texture with mild flavor.
  • while Mutton provides robust flavors with firmer textures.

Nutritional Profiles

  • Chicken: Lower in fat and calories.
  • Mutton: More flavorful with increased fat content providing richer flavors.

Cooking Versatility

  • Chicken: Quick cooking and ideal for various cuisines and dishes.
  • Mutton: Requiring longer cooking times but perfect for slow-cooked curries or other slow dishes.

Price Points

  • Chicken tends to be more cost-effective than mutton due to shorter raising and butchering periods,
  • although both options require longer processing times before reaching market.

Health Considerations

  • Chicken: Ideal for those in search of lean proteins.
  • mes Mutton: Packed with iron and zinc but high in saturated fats.

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Overall Conclusion

Overall Conclusion Staying informed on the Chicken Price in Pakistan today is vital to making informed decisions in your kitchen. No matter where you reside – Lahore, Rawalpindi or Karachi – knowing current rates empowers consumers and allows them to plan meals without breaking their budgets. Keep an eye out on market trends so that you’re better prepared when planning meals and menus.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do chicken prices differ between cities?

Chicken prices fluctuate due to factors like transportation costs, local demand, and supply chain dynamics.

Are there seasonal price differences for chicken?

Yes, seasonal factors like weather conditions and festive events can affect chicken prices.

How can consumers save on chicken expenses?

Search out promotions, discounts, and bulk purchase options to cut chicken expenses.

How is government policy contributing to chicken pricing?

Government policies concerning imports, exports, and subsidies can have an impactful impact on chicken prices.

Can consumers expect stable chicken price in the coming months in Pakistan?

Although predicting exact stability may be challenging, being aware of market trends can help consumers anticipate potential changes and anticipate any necessary adjustments.

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